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085N, door roller
Article no: 6190116
A: 57.5mm
B: 17.7mm
C: 6.6mm
D: 50.2mm
E: 10mm
10AT,Oil seal
Article no: 8720100
A: 95mm
B: 10mm
C: 70mm
13VTR, Lever for brake magnet (length magnet=176)
Article no: 8520096
A: 337mm
B: 57mm
C: 18mm
13VTu.VTR, brake lining for 5KW motor
Article no: 8520043
A: 126mm
B: 60mm
C: 35mm
24VDC-230VAC inverter 1000W
Article no: 571039656
A: 293mm
B: 150mm
C: 66mm
3010, down valve (VMD) 1 1/4 Zoll 180/12V
Article no: 9690080
A: 150mm
B: 85mm
C: 58mm
3010, pressure libra VRFP 1 1/4 Zoll
Article no: 9690120
A: 150mm
B: 85mm
C: 50mm
3010, pressure switch min. 1 1/4 Zoll
Article no: 9690130
A: 77.2mm
B: 48.5mm
C: 29.8mm
3201 door roller aluminium version incl. M10 insert
Article no: 6182051
A: 86mm
B: 16mm
C: 17mm
D: 79mm
3KT Assembly unlocking device left hand T9
Article no: 6010406
A: 76mm
B: 56mm
C: 28mm

Hauer – the elevatorshop

Hauer – the elevatorshop – supplies over 15,000 elevator spare parts worldwide – quickly, reliably and of the highest quality. 
With professional service and an unparalleled selection of lift and escalator spare parts including rollers, printed circuit boards and door guides, we supply all elevator companies; regardless of whether they are based in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Benelux, Scandinavia or eastern Europe, our customers always receive their spare part faster.

Place an order today – receive it tomorrow.

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AEO Certificate

With the  AEO-certificate, customs certificate, which is only awarded to particularly trustworthy companies, you benefit from an even faster and more reliable processing of your order and receive the spare part for the respective lift or escalator more quickly.

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Hauer - the elevatorshop offers you the largest selection of spare parts from Wittur, Selcom or Sematic.


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The extensive programme, with which the Spanish company Gervall S.A. has been supplying the German-speaking lift industry for years, is available exclusively in the Hauer elevatorshop.

Kuhse Industrial Components

Kuhse Industrial Components is the premium supplier of latching solenoids for the lift industry. The company offers versatile DC lifting solenoids as well as changeover controls. Kuhse quality, made in Germany - made in Northern Germany.


We at Hauer - the elevatorshop know how important strong partnerships are in the lift industry. Our long-standing cooperation with Davenport Lift Control in the United Kingdom is a good example of this.

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