From the very beginning, the founders of DICTATOR aimed to make life more comfortable, especially in the field of vertical mobility. Therefore, they developed a range of special elevator accessories such as door dampers. The company's first patent application filed by a German and a Dutch inventor followed exactly this strategy: A ‘hydraulic damper and door closer’ should literally force or ‘dictate’ the doors to close extremely quietly – whether as a tube door damper or as a landing door damper. The engineers had thus invented a ‘dictator’ for all kinds of doors, lift flaps and many other applications. From the outset, the company’s goal has been to sustainably shape the world of lifts or even the entire lift technology, making sure that slamming doors will be a thing of the past.

DICTATOR: highest quality standards right from the start

The first DICTATOR door dampers had the distinction of being handmade. DICTATOR has always attached great attention to precision and exact compliance with all specifications, which laid the foundation for the company’s success at an early stage. Meeting the highest quality standards has become part of DICTATOR’s DNA, so to speak.

The young company started to expand its product portfolio soon. It produced closing springs as well as so-called overhead door closers, door dampers, gate drives and end position dampers for lift doors. The door damper patented in 1932 is – just as before – a very important door closing solution. It has kept up with the time and has been continually adapted according to the latest requirements in terms of design and technology. DICTATOR has always been associated with the use of state-of-the-art technology on an international level. From development to production and sales, the company makes sure that its processes are as efficient as possible. It goes without saying that the production facilities for the competitive DICTATOR products, all of which are located in Western Europe, meet the specified standards.

Family-run business with a global network

The medium-sized company with headquarters in Neusäß near Augsburg, Germany, attaches great importance to its eighteen Western European locations: Its manufacturing sites are located in Germany and the Netherlands – the countries of origin of the inventors – and Spain. All production areas of this still family-run company are actively integrated into a functioning network. Against this background, it is hardly surprising that all DICTATOR production facilities are family-run – always with the necessary flexibility and responsiveness. As a result, the company is able to respond to special customer requirements at short notice – often on a supranational basis in cooperation with partners and customers. The regular exchange of information helps ensure that all production processes benefit from the specialist knowledge of the individual departments. The result is top quality. Be it shaft door dampers or tube door closers designed to meet specific customer requirements, or the finest closing springs or lift door closers that stand for particularly gentle closing of doors – the tradition-rich company provides versatile lift accessories that are always related to the requirements of the market.

DICTATOR’s technical customer service team always works closely with the production department, especially when it has to deal with complex requests. The result: DICTATOR always finds the best solution to the specific problem. In addition to the technical feasibility, particular attention is paid to cost-optimised production for each customer – especially when it comes to single-unit products. From gas springs or dampers to outer door closers: DICTATOR always uses cutting-edge instruments and the most accurate measuring equipment.

Broad range of products

In addition to its wide range of products, DICTATOR has in-depth expertise and the necessary know-how to create customised solutions based on the customer’s specific needs. Solutions which can be seamlessly integrated into existing lift systems. The controlled movement of revolving doors, gates, windows and flaps of all kinds has always been DICTATOR's core business. As today’s lift technology and accessories are closely interlinked with sophisticated drive and fire protection technologies, many customers from the lift industry and other sectors rely on the expertise of the Bavarian company.

DICTATOR not only helps keep the world of vertical movement in motion, but also supports private households, where the DHM 500 home lift impresses with a unique blend of functionality, design and comfort: This excellent vertical lift stands for a barrier-free life within one’s own four walls – which can be an important issue – not just for elderly people, but for all ages and at all stages of life. This home lift makes it possible to move around at home without restriction. Schools, restaurants and other public or non-public buildings using this DICTATOR lift model are immediately barrier-free. The Homelift DHM 500 easily adapts to the available space and can be easily integrated into existing buildings thanks to its compact and very flexible dimensions. As known from all other DICTATOR products, the DHM 500 home lift comes with many different configuration and design options.

That's what DICTATOR has always been striving for: finding the best solution that meets the customers’ individual needs for mobility and silence.

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Article no: 6190116
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B: 17.7mm
C: 6.6mm
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