FIAM has been a force to be reckoned with within the sector for decades now, primarily as a developer and manufacturer of assembly systems and both pneumatic and electric industrial tools. Long regarded as the undisputed market leader in the automation of manufacturing processes throughout Italy, the company has been able to consolidate a very high standing within the industry in the rest of Europe, too.

FIAM is fully aware of the challenges involved and knows how to both exploit hidden potential and interpret the associated developments, meaning that their engineers are often in a position to implement their customers’ wishes in advance – sometimes before they have even been conceptualised. This is how they and their bespoke products are able to get and stay ahead of the game in the vertical mobility sector.

Quality elevator parts from FIAM

High-quality circuit boards that can control practically all functions particularly in demand on the international elevator and escalator market. Whether it’s for a traction elevator or a group elevator with frequency inverters, FIAM’s circuit boards are reliable and durable.

International elevator manufacturers hold FIAM’s products in high regard… and you can see why. After all, with more than seventy years’ experience when it comes to issues such as quality, safety and reliability, along with a relentless desire to innovate, the company never fails to identify solutions that not only focus on the machine’s overall suitability, but that also make a significant contribution to ergonomics. Indeed, FIAM also constantly has one eye on improving the working conditions for those who actually use the elevators or escalators.

Brakes, seals, switches… spare parts, with style

Whether it’s the latest generation of door dampers, control unit components such as relays, switches or springs, or maybe a state-of-the-art interlock and door contact variant, brakes or seals… FIAM consistently delivers top-quality components you can rely on. Indeed, the Italian company was already making headlines early on thanks to the excellent quality of their products and spare parts.

When the higher ups at FIAM obtained ISO 9001 certification for the company in October 1995, making them the first company in Italy to do so, hardly anyone knew what it meant. One thing was certain, however – doing so was the first step in making the quality FIAM is so famous for, the standard we associate with them today. This is typical of FIAM, though. They proudly position themselves as pioneers where quality is concerned. No wonder, then, that they also obtained ISO 14001 certification in 1998, much earlier than most of their competitors, in recognition of their above average commitment to the environment, something that was a mere pipe dream for many companies at the time.

An early trendsetter with high safety standards

It goes without saying that FIAM has not only maintained its quality and environmental management systems right up to this day, but that it continues to refine them over time. This applies both to international standards and to Italy, where the company received certification from SGS Italia SpA, an accredited certification body.

One thing is clear – FIAM has an optimistic view of the future. A future in which the significance of manufacturing process automation and mobility within buildings, such as in airports or industrial areas, increase in equal measure. The company will, therefore, persist in its efforts to optimise the elevator industry in the future. With dedication, commitment and expertise, it will continue to find new solutions to the challenges ahead.

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085N, door roller
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A: 57.5mm
B: 17.7mm
C: 6.6mm
D: 50.2mm
E: 10mm