From locking systems, key switches, controls and floor level indicators to LED lighting for car interiors – Kronenberg offers a comprehensive range of products for the elevator industry. The company is well-known for the high degree of versatility offered by the numerous product options that its customers can choose from. Therefore, it is not surprising that Kronenberg has acquired an enormous reputation, especially among designers, architects and planners.

The company founders Hans and Josef Kronenberg knew from the very beginning that elevators would determine the functional and constructive design of buildings. In 1932, when they created ,their first limit switchcalled ‘HJK 1’ in Cologne-Nippes, Germany, they had a vision: They wanted to make a lasting contribution to shaping the then young world of elevators and escalators – in terms of both technology and aesthetics. Only a few years later, in 1938, they filed their first patent application for their door switch with forced contact.

Pioneers in switches and door locks

In 1949, the first shaft changeover switch was produced, enabling the company to build on its early successes. And when in 1958, after the move to Bensberg near Cologne, the first products were exported to France and the Netherlands, they could no longer be stopped on their road to international success. One of the innovations at that time: the first door lock with a fail-safe device.

Since then, Kronenberg has been an integral part of the elevator industry. Customers on all continents rely on Kronenberg’shigh-quality components for elevator and machine construction. Today more than ever, Kronenberg is one of the leading European suppliers of switches, door locks and fixtures. In 1986, the company decided to build its new headquarters in Bergisch Gladbach.

Straight door locks made by Kronenberg are very popular. They are available in several versions. The basic application, which covers the most common applications, is considered a true classic. Various designs, which are also available with integrated monitoring of the emergency release, demonstrate the high level of versatility. Door locks with motorized drive are available for systems that are operated without a locking cam. These drives are quiet and energy-saving. Another convenient feature: Due to their noise development these locking devices are ideal for home lift systems. Kronenberg always offers the best solution, even if a higher level of protection is required: For this purpose, highly secure interlocking devices, including explosion-proof equipment, are available.

Interlocks and retiring cams – with a higher level of protection

When it comes to retiring cams, Kronenberg also differentiates between standard applications and devices requiring a higher level of protection. Retiring cams, which are required for actuating door interlocks, are available in the low-noise electric motor version - and in an electromagnetic version. The same applies here: Kronenberg offers a wide variety of designs and mounting positions to meet even the most demanding customer requirements. There are also higher levels of protection available for retiring cams, which can be implemented up to explosion-proof versions.

Many elevator industry experts associate the name Kronenberg primarily with door switches and other switches for elevator construction. This is also due to the fact that in 1992, the company once again took the entire industry to a new level by launching its safety switch with all-side actuation. Self-cleaning contacts, reliable contact release and the consistently high quality of the materials have led to this reputation. From shaft and magnetic switches to position switches – Kronenberg’s switching elements always set new standards.

Customized solutions for innovative elevator designs

The fixture market is also characterised by customized solutions. Whether in residential buildings, industrial elevators, hotel lifts or escalators in shopping centres: Control and display panels must meet many different requirements. Be it control elements, floor level indicators or access control systems – Kronenberg provides the perfect solution for any application. Of course, emergency call equipment and acoustic devices are also part of the company’s product portfolio – the company with headquarters in Bergisch Gladbach has always been focussing on custom-made solutions in order to fulfil specific requirements.

What is more, Kronenberg offers a comprehensive range of products for floor level displays and status messages. From dot-matrix displays and TFT displays in a wide variety of designs to web-based information systems – there is a wide variety of information displays to choose from. And not to forget the lighting systems for car interiors: The product range comprises three basic types that can be adapted to any application. The light colour, dimmability and, depending on the option, the emergency lighting function are available for direct use – they come in variable sizes. There are several LED lighting options for car interiors: Either they are integrated in the car operating panel or they come as dimmable ceiling elements. Their colour temperature can be adjusted accordingly. Kronenberg has a state-of-the-art CNC sheet metal processing facility at its headquarters in Bergisch Gladbach – so there are no limits to the individual design options for illuminated elements.

With new products and innovative developments, Kronenberg is always in the lifts industry's limelight. The company also takes part in numerous important exhibitions where everyone interested in Kronenberg’s extensive range of products can obtain specific information. All Kronenberg components and spare parts for the lift industry are available at Hauer’s elevatorshop.

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