In April 2020, news spread through the lift and escalator industry that NBSL M&E Technology Co. was to acquire Prisma, a manufacturer with forty years of tradition. This was an excellent move for the Italians, as their products would garner more attention worldwide, as well as the much-improved distribution that comes with it. Strictly speaking, integrating into the global concern is a mutually beneficial arrangement in that Prisma and their activities receive fresh impetus and the group as a whole will clearly benefit from the long-standing Italian company’s high level of technical expertise.

Amazing automatic doors

The Prisma range of automatic doors, first and foremost lift doors, is second to none. In this area alone, they offer a variety of amazing solutions for all those interested in innovative approaches to vertical mobility – even you have no special requirements, there are several lift door options to choose from, ranging from the door with mechanical arm drive, to one with an electronic operator (also available in a space-saving version). Prisma’s impressive range of products includes both telescopic and standard blades, and the company is dedicated to finding the perfect solution for every individual challenge. Potential lift footfall also plays a significant role in such a decision, as lifts that must cope with a higher volume of traffic require a different type of door to those with a medium load, especially when it comes to wearing parts. The weight of the lift in question is also important when selecting the appropriate automatic door, including door contact and door motor.

Onlookers and potential customers alike are always very enthusiastic about Prisma’s ideas for panoramic lift cabin doors. Here, every detail has to be right, especially when it comes to the optimal combination of design, technical requirements, comfort and safety. It’s all about the little things: How does the door threshold fit with the locking mechanism? Which control system works best for each different intended use? Indeed, passenger lifts require different components than heavy-duty freight lifts, even down to the selection of belts, pinions, buffers and, yes, to the door, as well.

Pinions, pulleys, belts – all the Prisma spare parts you need

Prisma continues to design bespoke doors for new builds, as well as for well thought out renovations, for which the focus, as always, remains on a masterful blend of craftsmanship, technical finesse and an eye for design. Italian companies do tend to be one step ahead in this regard, after all!

If you’re looking for intelligent, reliable automatic doors and have particularly special requirements, you should definitely check out the Prisma product range – when it comes to any special mechanical or aesthetic properties that your lift door should have, you definitely won’t be left wanting. If that wasn’t proof enough of their quality, Prisma automatic doors can also be found in a wealth of extremely elegant buildings, such as fancy hotels or exclusive administrative premises.

Prisma – an international presence

Are you tired of the same old lifts? Do you want to break free from the mould with a unique, modern lift system that clearly reflects your strong personality? You’re in the right place! With a wealth of experience and expertise, Prisma also designs lift systems that meet the aesthetic, technological and functional requirements of the best architectural firms.

With subsidiaries in Spain and India, Prisma already had a firm international presence, even before the NBSL takeover. Agents and distributors across the globe are also in close contact with their Italian headquarters, which continues to operate as independently as possible. Whether it’s a release, a spring, a driver blade or a switch, professionals in the industry will find all the Prisma components they might need in the Hauer elevatorshop. Of course, this also applies to door guides and drive chains – these are rarely required for automatic doors such as Prisma’s JAGUAR or MICRO MS, but they are needed every now and then.

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