Gervall has been one of the most sought-after suppliers for elevators and escalators for an entire century: The company was founded as early as 1920 - with the philosophy of offering a wide range of first-rate components for elevators, which convince through excellent properties and highest quality. This has not changed to this day, since to Gervall it is important that each of its products meet the international company’s traditional requirements:  the values that have always been at the heart of Gervall's business.

Gervall has experienced three generations of family-run corporate culture within the last century. With this amazing continuity, the foundation was laid for a high level of brand awareness, which is carried to the outside world by all employees of the company - and which is embodied by each and every one of the company’s high-performance products.

One hundred years of tradition at the cutting edge of technical development

The company, which is steeped in tradition and is officially called Aplicaciones Electromecánicas Gervall, has never lost sight of the technical development of components relevant for elevators. Dedicated, highly competent teams meet the most diverse requirements of legal regulations in many countries on all continents - thus fulfilling the prerequisites for Gervall to be present with its products throughout the world. The company knows neither geographical nor technical boundaries - as befits a modern company that is constantly setting new standards for lifting devices and other components primarily in the vertical transport industry.

The company's longstanding commitment to investing in research of new material developments, functional electronics as well as in the completion of innovative products is also paying off. The result is not only the continuous growth of the internationally active company, but also a particularly diverse product range – along with the design of reliable elevator components that impress with sophisticated electronics.

Certified quality: first-rate components

Gervall’s customised and certified components are an inspiration in many areas of vertical transport. For example, Gervall’s highly developed speed limiter, developed as an ideal component for elevators with machine rooms, caused a real sensation: The Aljo 2129 allows for automatic resetting and is equipped with a locking system. But Gervall’s has more to offer than spare parts for speed limiters. Its product range extends from reduction machines and safety gears to complete UCM systems. Gervall also offers the ideal solution for locking devices, for example for elevator landing doors – always ensuring that sufficient electrical safety contacts are provided.

Gervall also provides the locks themselves - single or double. The industry considers state-of-the-art safety interlocks as the basis for permanent protection when transporting people and goods alike. In addition, sensors are required that guarantee the basis for smooth operation of lifts and elevators according to all standards of the latest technical developments. Gervall's seismic sensors – such as the ‘Smart-Y’ – enjoy an excellent reputation.

Safety through technical advance: Safety gears

The first components of the young company that created quite a stir in the twenties of the last century were brakes. Since then Gervall has been at the forefront of development in all aspects of braking devices and safety gears. Safety gears for ascent and descent in various guide strengths have remained important parts of the supplier’s product range.

But for all the significance of modern brake safety gears: The importance of tension pulleys and idler pulleys for modern elevators should not be underestimated either – especially since such components play a major role in the technical development of the safest means of transportation in history.

Thus, a hundred years later, Gervall is still in business with curiosity and a thirst for research: After all, it is a matter of ensuring that elevators, elevator systems, escalators and all other variants of vertical and – increasingly – horizontal transport continue to operate safely, quickly and smoothly in the 21st century. It is not surprising that the Hauer elevatorshop offers numerous certified spare parts by Gervall. These parts can be perfectly managed at Hauer’s online shop, for example via personal notepads – according to the motto: ordered today, delivered tomorrow.

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